The New VFM 2.0 Is Here – Direct Mail + CRM - Vision Financial Marketing

The New VFM 2.0 Is Here – Direct Mail + CRM

Posted October 9, 2019 by Katelyn Sabatini, President

I am incredibly excited to let you know that we have launched the next iteration of our technology platform, Vision Financial Marketing

We’ve been diligently working to create a system that helps you track and store your business data in our CRM, but also allows you to seamlessly communicate with your clients, prospects and leads through automated direct mail.

Watch the short introduction video below or keep reading to learn more! 

Introducing VFM 2.0 – CEO Gabriel Lewit [1.5 Minutes]

Here’s what’s shiny and new

  • Updated User-Interface (UI)
    • Updated color palette for increased contrast and visual ease 
    • Improved positioning of various UI elements 
    • Everything will work the same, we just gave it a bit of a face-lift! 
  • A new Direct Mail tab in your top header row 
    This is the place to automate your drip-marketing! Your ongoing marketing efforts have never been easier. 
    • Completely pre-built, year-long, professionally designed campaigns 
    • Super easy-to-use DesignEngine™ to customize your postcards
    • 1-click ordering and printing fulfillment 
    • Great quality printing, paper stock and coating
    • Fully-integrated with our CRM platform, contacts and lists
  • A Brand New Front-End Website 
    • Brand new look and feel 
    • More details on our various products and features 
    • New resources and enhancements  

Welcome to the new VFM. This is just the beginning and we are so excited to continue bringing you new and innovative products to help you grow your business.

Your Next Steps

  1. Log in to your VFM account just as you normally do
  2. Make sure you have your mailing lists set up (see our handy Quick-Start Guide here
  3. Customize and send your first postcard! 

If you’d like a 1-on-1 demo just schedule a time here. We’d be happy to show you around the platform. 

P.S. Keep an eye out for an official launch webinar and training demo in the coming weeks! 

To your success, 

Katelyn Sabatini

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Katie’s professional experience cuts across marketing, strategy, operations, and technology. As a results-driven professional, she spends her time focused on sales & marketing communications and content development while overseeing daily business operations, user success, and working closely on the platform development of Vision Financial Marketing.