The Power of Consistent Communication

The Power of Consistent Communication

Posted June 28, 2018 by Katelyn Sabatini, President


It’s no secret that communication is key in business. Regularly keeping in touch with clients and prospects is one of the most important things you can do to build relationships and trust – which we all know lead to sales.

The question is, where do you track how often you are communicating with your important contacts? Do you keep a running log of each time you connect? Do you have reminders in place when it’s time to reach out again? If not, you definitely should! Consistent communication lets people know that they matter to you and that you have their needs and interests in mind.

With Vision Financial Marketing, each contact has their own communication timeline so you will never forget to follow up again! And the best part is it’s super easy to track, and VFM does half the work for you!


1. It All Starts With Logging a Communication:

It all begins with logging each time you communicate with a client or prospect. When you hang up the phone with someone, log the phone call in their profile so you keep record of it. To do this, just use the Log Communication button:

Logging a Communication

If you send an email from your VFM account, the system will automatically log that communication for you. Same with calendar activities, whenever an activity with a communication tied to it (in-person, phone meeting, etc.) lapses in the calendar, the system will automatically log the communication for you.

2. Quickly View Your Last Communication Date:

On the overview page for each one of your contacts you will see a card that looks like the image below.

View Your Last Communication Date

This shows the date you last communicated with that contact. This could be an email, a phone call, an in-person meeting, etc. As long as you are logging those communications in your VFM account, this date will be automatically updated for you. Clicking the date will pop up the record of the what the last communication was and any associated notes.

​3. See a Full Communication History / Timeline:

Each contact will have a communication timeline showing a running history of all past communications, as well as any pending tasks or activities that include a communication:

A Full Communication History

This section helps you quickly and easily review your communication history with someone. You can review previous emails that were sent, see when your last meeting was and check in on what next action you need to take, like make an appointment confirmation call.

4. Quickly Identify Clients & Prospects That Need Attention:

​You can review your communications from a global perspective of all of your contacts in the Communications Status section in VFM.

Identify Clients & Prospects That Need Attention

This sections makes it easy for you to see the people you have and have not communicated with recently, and their status in your Sales Pipeline. Use this section to ensure you are following up with prospects in your sales process and never let an opportunity slip through the cracks! Review your Communication Status regularly and use the action buttons in the right-hand column to log a communication or send an email.


It is so critical to your business success that you are proactively communicating with your clients and prospects. If you aren’t staying top-of-mind, then your competition will be. So, if you haven’t already, get started today logging each time you communicate with someone – whether you’re following up on a client’s question or wishing someone a happy birthday.

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Happy communicating!

Katelyn Sabatini

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Katelyn Sabatini


Katie’s professional experience cuts across marketing, strategy, operations, and technology. As a results-driven professional, she spends her time focused on sales & marketing communications and content development while overseeing daily business operations, user success, and working closely on the platform development of Vision Financial Marketing.

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