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VFM Release Notes as of 11/17/2017

Posted November 17, 2017 by Katelyn Sabatini, President

At VFM, our team is always working hard to improve and enhance our system to help make your lives a little easier. Here’s a peek behind the screen and a recap of what the team has been working on lately!

A New Suspect in Town

You may have noticed we’ve added a new contact classification called Suspects! But, what exactly makes a contact a Suspect?

we've added a new contact classification called Suspects

Well, a Suspect is a type of Prospect. However, a Suspect isn’t quite as big of a target as a Prospect. For instance, a Prospect may have shown interest in the past or could be a direct referral from a client, whereas, a Suspect could have come from a lead list. This added contact classification will help keep those you want to pay extra attention to in a separate list.

Squint No More

Apparently, we’ve been straining some eyes with the light orange text in various places in the system. We’re sorry about that, and we promise, we care tremendously about your eyesight. To prove it, we’ve implemented the ability to make this text bolder and easier to read:

Normal weight text:

Normal weight text

Bolder text weight:

Bolder text weight

See what we mean? If you’d like to adjust the boldness setting in your account, follow the steps posted here!

From Prospect to Client in One Click

Just as quick as you can convert Prospects, you can change their contact type in your VFM account. Now when you are logging that note saying you closed the sale, you can switch them over to Client. Ahhh, so satisfying!

Prospect to Client

Other Helpful Updates

Tasks Due Today: Any tasks & to-do’s you have that are due today now appear in blue so you can quickly & easily see what you need to work on first.

Print View Pages: We’ve cleaned up the look of the screens when printed using the Google Chrome browser. Now sidebars and links you don’t need to see on your printed copy will disappear leaving you with a clean view of your Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and more!

New System List: Another system-generated dynamic list has been added to the Lists & Segments section of the system. In the Sources tab, you will find your contacts automatically grouped into lists based on their source (e.g. Seminar, Workshop, or Website Lead).


Contact Page Loading Speed: We’ve improved the page loading speed when viewing a contact. Before, the notes would take a few extra seconds to populate on the screen but now you’ll see them a lot quicker.

Spouse Notes: Notes entered in a contact’s profile will now also appear in the profile of their linked spouse. Because, we think if they’re married then their client notes should be too.

Recently Viewed Contacts: There was an issue where the recently viewed contacts list was changing based on contacts any user in your account viewed. We’ve fixed this to now only show contacts that the most important user in your account viewed (you, of course).

As always, we truly appreciate your feedback. The reason we do this every day is to help financial advisors to manage and grow their businesses. It is because of your support that we are able to continually improve our system and delight our users. Any feedback you have, please let us know at support@vfmteam.com.


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