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VFM Release Notes as of June 25, 2020

Posted June 25, 2020 by Katelyn Sabatini, President

As we continue to make improvement and enhancements to the VFM platform, we want to keep you updated on what has changed. Read below to see what’s new in VFM!


Sort Contact Lists by First Name or Last Name

Previously, all contact lists in VFM defaulted to sort by First Name only. Now, you have the option to select in your settings if you’d like to view your contacts by First Name or Last Name.

Here is an example of a contact list sorted by Last Name:
Tag Manager Tab

There is now a tab in your settings to manage all of your General and Interest Tags. In this section you can add, edit and delete Tags for your account.There is a count next to each Tag name indicating how many of your contacts have that Tag applied to their profile.


Contact Name Clickable in Activity Popup

When you have a contact linked to a calendar activity, you can now click their name to take you right to their profile.Jumping quickly to a contact’s profile from a calendar activity will allow you to easily send a confirmation or reminder email about the meeting, log notes or communications with the contact or simply view any of their profile information.

Subcategory and Status for Calendar Activities

What you’ll also notice that is new in the Calendar Activity popup is the Subcategory drop-down and the Status drop-down.The Subcategory allows for custom options you can create. For instance, you may categorize an Activity as a “Meeting” but then want to further categorize it as an “All Staff” meeting, which you can do with the subcategories.

As for the Status options, use these to specify whether the meeting or appointment has been “Confirmed,” Cancelled,” “No-Showed,” and more! Or, create your own custom Status options.

Birthdays are Clickable on the Calendar

When you see a birthday on your calendar, you will be able to click that event to head directly to the contact’s profile. This makes it really quick and easy to send an email, log a communication or anything else you’d like to do for that contact’s special day.


Married Couples Joint Finances Displayed

Financial Accounts, Insurance Policies and Financial Plans used to be broken up specifically by contact and would only display in the associated contact’s profile. Now, if you have two contacts linked as “Married,” you will be able to see and access both spouses’ data from either account.For instance, in the image below Aaron and Christine each have a profile in VFM and they are linked together as Married with Joint Finances. When on Aaron’s profile, you can now also see what Accounts, Policies and/or Plans Christine has in her name.

Custom Fields for Financial Accounts, Insurance Policies and Financial Plans

If there is any information you’d like to include and track with an Account, Policy or Plan that you do not see a current spot for already, you can create a custom field. You can find this section on the left-hand side of the popup and you can manage these fields in your VFM Account Settings.First, create the Custom Fields in your Settings under “Custom Fields & Tags” and then the “User-Defined Custom Fields – Accounts” section.

Then, you can apply the custom field in your Account, Policy or Plan popup and store that data.

List Selector Expanded

We’ve added the ability to select from any of your CRM lists in the Direct Mail mailing list selector area. You can now choose from your overall contact categories, your tag and source lists or any custom lists you create.     

As always, we truly appreciate your feedback. Check out these new updates by logging in to your VFM account now!

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